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Turnkey Greenhouse Projects

The horticultural industry is seeking new ways of growing. VB Greenhouses is seeking new concepts of building complete greenhouses to achieve this.

Our commitment to you is to design the right growing environment regardless of outside conditions. Our company, being both reliable and versatile, has gained immense experience in the field of building complete greenhouses, high-grade heating and cooling systems and installations for any kind of horticultural use. VB Greenhouses has experience in acting as the main contractor, as well as experience in joined cooperation with other companies.

Ever since it's start VB Greenhouses has built up a prominent position abroad. Our company has been recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture as a certified exporting greenhouse builder. This certificate relates to the contents of quotations and contracts, agreements with suppliers, standards for packaging, purchase and dispatch of materials and data management.

New ways of growing...

Our product range will without any doubt prove that VB Greenhouses is indeed your ideal partner for modern horticultural glasshouses. Combine your requirements today with our technological and practical experience to design and build the greenhouse of tomorrow. Let's grow together! 

o Complete greenhouse constructions
o Heating and cooling installations
o Screening and black-out installations
o Internal transport and logistic growing systems
o Water-technical and electro-technical installations
o Shipping and packing area's
o Assimilation and LED lights
o Training and Project management